A Sign from Above.

All praise is due to Allah the Almighty, Lord of the worlds and may His peace and blessings be upon His final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad ﷺ.

And fear a Day when no soul will suffice for another soul at all, and no compensation will be accepted from it, nor will any intercession benefit it, nor will they be aided. [2:123]

Sadly many of us have the illness of prioritising our worldly matters to the point that eventually we begin to neglect our religious duties. We cannot keep up and so regrettably we forget all about them or we begin to ask friends and sometimes even pay people to complete our compulsory worship/ Religious duties for us.

How is it even common sense to think that if a person misses their compulsory acts and asks someone else to perform them for them, they’ll be accepted?

Jannah is earned through each and every persons OWN submission to Allah the Almighty. Had Islam been such a hardship it would never have been sent as a religion for mankind.

Yet Islam has been sent down because as Allah the Almighty mentions in His glorious Qur’aan;

Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear… (2:286)

Therefore if this religion was such a hardship which mankind could not handle then it would never have been sent down as the religion of Allah.

Religion is the right of Allah the Almighty and no worldly matters can be put before him. It is beyond understanding to even think how a person expects Allah the Almighty to prioritise his servant’s affairs when he does not submit to the will of Allah.

Yes! A person can hope in the Mercy of Allah the Almighty. But if the Servant of the Almighty is not willing to do the worship he was created for, then what is the purpose of his life?

Allah the Almighty says:

And I (Allah) created not the Jinn and Mankind except to worship Me (Alone). (51:56)

None of us are perfect but we have all been put on this earth in our best state before Jannah. So in order to gain entry and be a “companion of Paradise”, be that perfect human we are always meant to be, we must all strive to better ourselves by our own intellect and time.

Allah the Almighty says:

But they who believe AND DO RIGHTEOUS DEEDS- those are the companions of Paradise; they will abide therein eternally. (2:82)

Religion is Haqq, it is right and it is true and whatever deviates ones path from it is Batil, it is wrong and it is false. So if we are spending so much time on worldly matters and we are having to ask others to do our worship for us, then know that the path we are taking is Batil.

It is our responsibility to accept our actions and our duty to fulfil our religious affairs. When we have become so busy that we are not able to fulfil the rights of the Almighty, we should understand that this is a sign from above letting us know that we are indulging in this worldly life more than necessary.

Allah the Almighty clearly says in His glorious Qur’aan:

So remember Me, I will remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me. (2:152)

What the Almighty is trying to tell us? He says, “So remember Me” meaning that we should think of Him by performing Salaah, making Zikr, abiding by the Qur’aan and in all other matters. Then He says “I will remember you”, meaning that He will think of us by rewarding us and fulfilling our needs and blessing us constantly. Then He says “And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me”. In His infinite wisdom and mercy, Allah the Almighty is reminding us that we should be thankful to Him by obeying Him and not be ungrateful by disobeying Him.

How beautiful is it that despite Him knowing that we know what we should be doing, Allah the Almighty through His countless blessings, is still reminding us that He will reward us for our obedience to Him.

And what is this reward?

Allah the Almighty promises:

Surely those who have Imaan and do good deeds, their Lord shall guide them because of their Imaan. They shall have rivers beneath them in the Jannah of Bliss. (10:9)

All praise is due to Allah the Almighty at the beginning and at the end.

May you be rewarded for visiting my page and may we all benefit. Ameen.

The Katibah.


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